A Discipleship Group or DG is our small-group fellowship to nurture faith and body-life. 7 groups meet weekly and there’s a welcome for you whichever group you choose to join. Date: 7 October 2018 Venue: Hope EFC

A resilient and fruitful faith is founded on the knowledge that everyone has a ‘calling.’ The One who calls us is the living God and Creator. Just as He sent Jesus, we are now sent into the world by our Lord Jesus. Date: 8-11 September 2018 Venue: Grand Kampar Hotel

Join us as we stand in solidarity with the refugee community in our neighbourhood. This event will feature music and dance performances by 5 different nationalities and over 8 ethnic groups. Date: 21 July 2018 Venue: Tabernacle of David

The operation of our learning centre for refugee children depends very much on the goodwill of every concerned Malaysian. Help us realise our target of RM300,000 to fund our primary and secondary schools. Date: 16 March 2018 Venue: SJK (c) Yuk Chai, Pj

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